Selling Your House As-Is in Southern California

Don't Pay Expensive Commissions or Closing Costs

Sell your house fast for cash without the hassles of a traditional sale

Whether you’ve found your new dream home or are moving to another state, home sellers often look for a quick sale. One way in which you could achieve this goal is by selling your California home as-is.

What Does it Mean to Sell Your House As-Is?

Simply put, selling your home as-is refers to selling your home without carrying out (or paying for) any major repairs ahead of time. This can save you a great deal of time, money, and energy when selling a house, as these duties become the responsibility of the buyer instead of the current homeowner. It also means that the seller is not liable for any ‘faults’ found within the home by the potential buyer, though they are often included in the listing description.

Sell California House As-Is

The Rise of As-Is Sales in Southern California.

It’s perfectly legal (and simple, with the right help) to sell your house as in California. You simply need to ensure that you carry out a California transfer disclosure statement, otherwise known as a TDS. If you are unfamiliar with a transfer disclosure statement, it’s a document used to paint an honest picture of the property’s condition for a potential buyer – it’s part of California law that sellers must present this to buyers or their real estate agents. It’s a document typically drawn up by a home inspector during a pre-listing inspection.

If you’re unsure of where to get started, a real estate attorney can help you with this task. With this document in place, it’s easy to sell your home in as-is condition in California.

The number of people selling their home as-is in Southern California is rising yearly, made easier through companies such as Premier Property Buyers.

Sell A House As-Is With Premier Property Buyers.

If you’re looking to sell a house as-is in California, reach out to Premier Property Buyers today. We’ll pay cash for your Southern California property, no matter its condition – you don’t need to deep clean the property beforehand. We’ll also ensure the entire selling process is as smooth and stress-free as possible, whether we’re drafting a purchase agreement or determining the value of your home. Unlike other cash companies, we pride ourselves on ensuring you get the best price possible when selling your home.

Understanding the As-Is Concept.

By definition, selling a home as-is means that the seller will not carry out any additional work, renovations, or repairs on the property before it is sold. This information will be clearly laid out in their California transfer disclosure statement, which ensures that the seller is not liable for any repair or maintenance costs incurred after the sales process.

The buyer buys the property exactly as listed, even if some renovations are required. Sometimes, this means the property may not be in a move-in-ready condition, meaning that the buyer will have to carry out some work before they can live in the property. While this can affect the asking price, the buyer can decide whether or not they accept the offer made by the buyer.


Process of selling a house as-is in California

There are many reasons why homeowners will opt for an as-is home sale over more traditional selling processes. For example, if extensive repairs are required, such as the rewiring of faulty electrical systems or dealing with plumbing systems, listing a property as-is means that the owner does not have to deal with these issues. This can help them save money and speed up the sales process, which is particularly beneficial for those who need to deal with the home selling process as quickly as possible.

If you’re at risk of foreclosure, selling a house as-is can also come in handy. This is because a successful sale will give you access to the money you need sooner rather than later – as time is often of the essence in these scenarios.

understanding the advantages of selling a house without repairs

The Advantages of Selling Your House As-Is

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to selling your house as-is. For example:

  • Selling your house as-is reduces the stress of moving. According to a recent study, “as many as seven in 10 people considered buying or selling stressful.” However, selling your home as-is reduces the stress of moving as it makes the selling process a lot more straightforward. After all, there’s very little that the homeowner has to do!
  • Selling your house as-is is cost-effective. Home repair costs are relatively expensive, and if you’re trying to be frugal, they are the last thing you’ll want to do when moving home. Homeowners can save a great deal of money (and energy) by handing over these responsibilities to the buyer.
  • Selling your house as-is means no deep cleaning is necessary. Many home sellers spend hours deep-cleaning their properties for the new tenant. When you sell your home as-is, these tasks are not always necessary. You simply leave your property in its current condition as long as it matches the listing description.
  • Selling your house as-is saves time. Many people looking to move want to do so quickly – and if you’re waiting on home repairs, this can drag out the process for both the seller and the buyer. For example, repairing a roof on a larger property can take up to two weeks. However, with an as-is sale, the buyer accepts that no such repairs will be carried out, meaning the entire process runs much quicker.

As-Is Selling vs. Traditional Methods.

Before committing to this process, you must weigh up the benefits of selling as-is. That is, you must understand the differences between selling as-is and more traditional methods.

Selling a house as-is.

  • When selling a house as-is, the buyer accepts the house in its current condition – without requesting any additional repairs to be carried out. This means that owners can skip repairs entirely, whether they be something simple such as garage door replacement or something a little more complex.
  • The buyer will place a cash offer for the house after the buyer and owner have agreed upon a sales price. There is often some negotiation here, but less so than one would have to deal with during a more traditional real estate transaction.
  • The seller will not incur additional fees such as closing costs or home repairs.
  • The home seller can choose the closing date for the sale, making it easier to move home quickly.

Selling a house the traditional way.

  • Potential buyers may request that certain repairs or maintenance issues are resolved before placing an offer, making it harder to sell a house quickly.
  • Homeowners must accurately describe the state of their property in listing descriptions.
  • Homeowners must carry out home preparations, including home staging, before a home inspection.
  • Sales are not often made in cash, and owners will have to pay additional fees on top of maintenance costs, such as commission fees for real estate agents.
  • The sales price is open to more negotiation, often working in favor of the buyer.

The As-Is Sales Process in California

The As-Is Sales Process

For the most part, the as-is sales process is similar to a more traditional real estate selling strategy.

  1. The homeowner or real estate agent will create a listing, making it clear that this is an as-is home sale. They will list an asking price that reflects the property’s condition and value, which could mean it is slightly lower than the average market rate.
  2. Potential buyers will visit the property and submit an offer accordingly.
  3. Buyers and homeowners will negotiate the sales price. If the owner does not think they are being offered a fair price, they can reject the offer.
  4. If the offer is accepted, the proper house-selling procedures will be followed. They may arrange for a house inspection to be carried out before signing the final contract. However, it’s important to note that the owner is not legally obligated to carry out any repairs should new maintenance issues come to light.

The Role of A Cash Home Buyer.

Many of those buying as-is properties are cash buyers. This means they already have the money to purchase your property at the right price without obtaining a mortgage or buyer’s loan. This reaps many benefits for the home seller. For example, there are fewer chances for a cash offer to fall through, as they already have access to the funds they need to buy a property. This often facilitates a quicker sale for California home sellers.

Cash For Houses As-Is California

Success Stories with Premier Property Buyers.

With years of experience buying and selling properties throughout California, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners sell their properties. As such, whether you’re attempting to avoid foreclosure or want to sell your home quickly, we’re here to help – and we have a track record of success that is sure to put your mind at ease!


Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied home sellers who have worked with Premier Property Buyers!

“I thought it was smooth as silk. Everything you said you were going to do, you did in a very timely manner and a very professional manner. This was by far and away the easiest and best transaction. And to have it all completed within 7-8 days is just phenomenal.” – Frank Delre, 491 Medford Ct, Long Beach.

“It was super easy. This is the way to go, to do it this way. You don’t have to clean the house. You don’t have to do anything; you just sit there and wait for your money to roll into escrow. You should go with these guys.” -Lisa Pelissier, 22662 Revere Rd, Lake Forest.

You can read more reviews and testimonials here.

Why Choose 'As-Is' Over Traditional Selling Methods

There are many reasons why you may choose to sell your home as-is instead of going for a more traditional selling method. This is because it helps you avoid some of the problems that appear repeatedly with traditional selling methods, such as homeowners being forced to fork out thousands on repairs for a property they no longer live in.

Problems with Traditional Home Sales (and how selling as-is solves these issues).

PROBLEM: Homeowners must spend thousands on home repairs before selling their property.

A recent report from CBS News found that “home sellers typically spend around $5,400 sprucing up their houses before putting them on the market.” These prices will only rise if your property requires some serious TLC, such as if specific structural components need to be repaired or replaced as a matter of safety. However, this is money that many California home sellers do not have set aside.

However, selling a house as-is means you do not have to lift a finger regarding repairs or maintenance.

PROBLEM: Home Sellers face many additional fees when selling their homes.

Closing costs and real estate agent fees can also drive up the cost of selling your home. However, when you work with a trusted as-is agent, any additional costs incurred during the sale of your home will be kept to a minimum. For example, sellers working with Premier Property will not have to pay realtor commission fees or closing costs.

PROBLEM: Homes stay on the market for months on end.

Following the traditional route, selling a house takes approximately 71 days, though it could take even longer if the buyer requests that repairs be carried out before they move in. When you need to facilitate a quick move, this is time you may not have on your hands. However, when selling an as-is property, you choose the closing date, which means you can easily access your cash.

Why Choose Premier Property Buyers When Selling Your Home As-Is?

We Buy Houses As-Is in Southern California

There are many reasons why you should choose Premier Property Buyers when selling your home as-is. For example:

  • We save you money. Selling your home as-is means that you can avoid paying for both minor and significant repairs. However, when selling through Premier Property Buyers, you will not encounter other sales-related fees such as commissions, closing costs, transfer tax, escrow agent fees, title insurance, and more – this is because we’ll have taken the property off your hands (for a cash offer) before it hits the market.
  • Cash offers you can trust. We’ll always ensure that you get the best possible price for your property, which means our cash offers are some of the best in the area, even for properties that have fallen into disrepair or need significant TLC. If you accept our offer, we’ll work with a reputable, local Escrow agent to close the deal.
  • We help you sell your home QUICKLY. When working with Premier Property Buyers, you choose the closing date for your property. This is great for those looking to sell their home quickly, especially as we make the entire process as simple as possible. For example, our paperwork is short and easy to understand, so you don’t have to spend weeks trying to make sense of legal jargon and phrases. We’re also on hand to offer expert advice throughout the process.
  • We do the hard work on your behalf. We’re here to take your property off your hands – which means you do not need to carry out any of the ‘usual’ work associated with selling a property, such as property staging, open houses, and more.
  • We’ve helped HUNDREDS of California home sellers just like you. We’ve helped hundreds of property owners sell as-is throughout California – and consistently receive top reviews from our clients. We also have a 5-star rating on Google!

Sell Your California House As-Is

According to a recent survey, 31% of Americans are considering moving house this year, meaning 31% of Americans will need to sell their property. This may be easier said than done in areas where the real estate market is notoriously competitive, such as Southern California. After all, it means that many sellers are left at the whims of buyers. However, one way in which sellers can regain control over the process (and sell their property quickly) is by opting for an as-is sale.

During an as-is sale:

  • Sellers are not required to carry out significant repairs to the property, even if a property inspector has found signs of damage.
  • Buyers can place cash offers for California homes, speeding up the sales process for both parties.
  • Sellers can set the closing date and avoid traditional closing costs.

In short, there are many reasons why you may choose to sell your property as-is.

If you’re based in California, we’d happily help sell your California home as-is. This means you don’t have to deal with the usual stressors associated with securing a successful sale, such as having an endless stream of strangers enter your home, completing repairs, or even cleaning for viewings. We’ll take control of the entire process and give you the money you deserve.

If you’d like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch today– we’ll provide you with a 100% FREE no-obligation quote to get the ball rolling!

You can reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at (714) 475-7526, or through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!