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Get A Cash Offer From A Local Trusted Home Buyer. You Choose The Closing Date. We Pay All The Costs.

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Get Cash For Your House in Los Angeles CA

We buy houses in Los Angeles in any condition with no fees and showings needed. We will make you a fair all-cash offer and get the process moving fast to follow your schedule.

We buy houses directly from any homeowners in California who prefer to sell without the troubles of waiting for a buyer and agent fees.

No middlemen. No fees or commissions. No waiting.

– Eric and Jackie

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Eric at Premier Property Buyers made this the smoothest process possible. He was kind, knowledgeable and most of all patient while we worked our way through probate. Thank you so much for everything you have done. You made this experience that much easier.

Premier Property Earns 5 Star Reviews from sellers

-Charmagne Gibson
[Los Angeles CA]

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Los Angeles?

Selling your California house for cash has never been easier. This is because we eliminate the hassles, uncertainties & costs. We’re committed, fast, and everything is 100% free. Get your house sold in just 3 EASY steps!

Request Your Cash Offer

Fill out our short form by clicking the button below or simply give us a call for a 5-10 minute conversation about your house..


We'll Visit Your Property

We’ll take a quick walk through your property. All of our representatives are licensed professionals.


You Collect Your Cash!

sold a house fast for cash

We handle all the paperwork.  All you have to do is collect your cash!  We make selling your house fast and easy!


Selling Your House In Los Angeles Is Simple!

Leave behind all the difficulties and worries and get a great, fair, all-cash offer for your Los Angeles home today! We can help you end the burden, frustration, and inconveniences of an unwanted house. We make selling your house in Los Angeles simple no matter what condition it is in.

If you are thinking, “I want to sell my house fast!”, let us make you an offer. We are homebuyers in California and we have funds ready to buy your house for cash whether you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in LA County CA. Give us a shot, we can help you! Fill out the form below for us to get started.

No Cleaning. No Repairs. No Agents. No Headaches.

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The Easy Way to Sell Your House Fast in Los Angeles

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We Are Direct Cash Buyers in Los Angeles. We Offer Cash for Any House in LA

Homeowners in Los Angeles, California and all nearby cities turn to us when they need to sell an unwanted house. No need to make repairs or clean up. You can take what you want and leave the rest for us. By avoiding real estate agents, repairs, and wasted time, we are helping homeowners save thousands on the sale of their home.

Unlike an agent who wants to collect a commission on the sale of your property, we are simply LA home buyers who want to pay you a great price right away. There are no fees or costs, and you never have to worry about the sale falling through.

We offer cash for houses in California and we are ready to purchase properties from Stanton all the way to houses in Signal Hill CA today!  Also, if you’re selling a house in Tustin or even looking to sell quickly in Walnut CA, we can help.  Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A House For Cash in LA

How Can I Sell My Los Angeles House Fast?

Selling to a cash buyer is an effective way to sell your Los Angeles house quickly. In a fluctuating housing market, a cash buyer like Premier Property Buyers becomes a reliable option to expedite your sale. With us, there's no waiting for bank financing or dealing with lender-required repairs – we offer straightforward cash deals. 😊

Unlike traditional real estate agents, the price Premier Property Buyers offers for your house in Los Angeles is exactly what you'll receive at closing. Our ability to pay cash allows us to close deals in as little as 7 days! Start the process now by submitting your property address and email through our simple form!

Who Is The Best House Buying Company To Sell Your House To?

The best company to sell your house to in Los Angeles is subjective and depends on your unique needs. While many large real estate firms are entering the "We Buy Houses" arena, Premier Property Buyers stands out. We don’t rely on massive advertising campaigns. Our strength lies in our local presence and personal touch.

Instead of receiving a generic offer, with Premier Property Buyers, you get a tailored cash offer from a local expert who understands the Los Angeles market inside out. Our investors are seasoned professionals who have completed numerous transactions right here in LA.

Is It Possible To Sell My House In One Day?

Selling a house in one day isn't realistic, even with a cash offer. Traditional sales can take 30 to 90 days, involving agents, escrow, and legal processes. If you're in a hurry, contact us to potentially sell your house in just 7 days!

How Can I Sell My Vacant Los Angeles House Faster?

To sell your empty Los Angeles house quickly, consider a cash buyer like Premier Property Buyers. We're adept at handling urgent situations, including foreclosures. Avoid the unpredictability of traditional buyers and realtor fees by requesting a fair, no-obligation cash offer from us today!

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Selling My House?

Partnering with a cash buyer like Premier Property Buyers increases your chances of a fast sale. We buy homes in all conditions – no need for repairs or renovations. However, you can also boost your sale prospects through repairs, hiring a top realtor, or staging your home. If these options seem overwhelming, consider getting a free, no-obligation offer from us for your property as-is.

Does A Cash Buyer Speed Up The Selling Process?

Yes, a cash buyer typically speeds up the selling process. There's less paperwork, no lender involvement, and you can skip property prep tasks. Premier Property Buyers offers fair cash deals for houses in any condition in Los Angeles – no repairs, no waiting.

Are We Buy Houses Companies Legitimate?

While most "We Buy Houses" companies are legitimate, due diligence is essential. Check the contract details and ask for proof of past transactions. At Premier Property Buyers, our transparent process ensures you get the promised price at closing, with no hidden fees or tactics.

Do Cash Buyers Cover All Fees, Including Closing Costs?

Not all cash buyers cover closing costs, but Premier Property Buyers does. We ensure the offer you accept is the amount you receive, without any deductions for fees or closing costs. This straightforward approach sets us apart in the Los Angeles real estate market.

We Buy Houses Los Angeles Company

When you need a reliable ‘We Buy Houses’ company in Los Angeles, CA, Premier Property Buyers is your go-to solution. We’re not just real estate investors; we’re problem solvers. Whether you’re dealing with tax liens on your townhouse, navigating a probate property, or coping with a family loss, we understand the complexities of these situations and are ready to help you resolve them quickly and without stress.

At Premier Property Buyers in Los Angeles, we provide competitive cash offers from local experts who specialize in the LA market. Our process is simple: just fill out our form and receive a fair, no-obligation cash offer tailored to your unique situation. We’re committed to making your home sale experience in Los Angeles both fair and straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free transaction for you. 🙂